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PROOF: YES – NEXCF really IS the “TESLA of Micro-Caps”! Hindenburg “research” Short Sellers DESTROYED.

We don’t mean to brag…we don’t mean to boast….but the recent short seller action in NEXCF further proves our thesis that “NEXCF IS the TESLA of Micro-CAP” as stated in our 1/28/2020 Research Report.

And YES – We are REITERATING our Upside Price Target of $20.00 for NEXCF.

Yes, just like TESLA…NEXCF comes under attack from short-sellers. And an EPIC SHORT-SQUEEZE ensues!!

The key difference is that NEXCF was attacked by notorious short seller outfit Hindenburg Research (AKA Nathan Anderson {see his Linkedin bio below}) whose investment strategy appears to be accumulating large short positions in a stock – then spreading rumors, and lies to foment fear and panic among smaller investors – driving stock prices down. At which point they cover their position at a profit, and move on to the next target.  The real victims in most of these “bear raids” are the smaller retail investors, who panic.

In a hour-long VIDEO CALL with Starwood Research, NEXCF’s leadership team SYSTEMATICALLY answers all the false allegations – and completely BLOWS AWAY this “fake news research” from Hindenburg. As a result the stock is now rallying in an epic short-squeeze – which we believe can take NEXCF $7.00-8.00 in Read the rest