Analyst Coverage & Institutional Sponsorship 

Increasing shareholder value with analyst coverage and market support.

It’s a fact that the better a company’s investment story is understood – and the wider the investor audience – the better the stock will trade.

Our goal at Starwood Research is to find high-quality, undervalued, and under-followed companies  – (which have +500%-1,000%+ upside potential)  – and expose their investment story to our global audience of institutional and retail investors.

Starwood Research analyst reports help explain the company’s story and upside potential in an investment context. Our investor conferences help to further articulate the company story, by connecting the company’s leadership directly with influential investors.

As a result of Starwood’s institutional sponsorship, the “valuation gap” closes – and value is unleashed. This typically results in a triple-digit stock price increase.

Value Added Services:

Capital Formation Adequate capital is critical for emerging growth companies to actualize their business objectives. However, when it comes to the micro-cap/small-cap market, who writes the check is often more important than the amount of the check.  Corporate clients of Starwood Research are able to tap into introductions to our extensive and vetted network of value-added investors whose profit objectives are aligned with achieving long-term upside results. Funding from $100,000-$5 million.   Contact us at:

212-871-2057 ext 7