Logiq (OTC: LGIQ) Expands Affordable Media Buying to Asia Pacific for Any Size Agency or Brand

NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 — Logiq, Inc. (NEO: LGIQ) (OTCQX: LGIQ), a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has expanded its Logiq Digital Marketing™ (LDM) platform to include direct media buying access to web, mobile and connected TV (CTV), and audio media providers across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

By expanding its footprint to localized inventory offered in APAC, LDM brings affordable and easily managed access to these international consumers within the reach of small and medium-sized agencies and brands who sell in these markets.

The offering also optimizes the delivery of an ad to an APAC consumer so that it can occur within 50 milliseconds (or 5/100 of a second), even if the campaign is managed by an agency or brand halfway around the world. Market studies show it takes only about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about the company from the visual appeal of a product web page. So, first impressions indeed matter and this is why time-of-delivery is so critical.

“Our expanded reach to APAC with optimized time-to-delivery is another major value-add for our LDM clients, and reflects our ongoing efforts to further expand our global network,” said LDM’s division president, Manny Puentes. “Small and medium-sized agencies and brands located anywhere in the world can now have access to local media buying in APAC, and it truly levels the playing field for businesses who do not have the budget or scale to do business abroad.”

In order to compete with larger agencies and brands, it has traditionally required large ad spends and supporting resources. Now with LDM, agencies and brands have a partner who can provide them the benefits of enterprise scale and reach without the associated costs and commitments. They can now reach the same consumers as their larger competitors, but at a fraction of the cost.

Logiq’s expansion of its digital marketing services into APAC also aligns with the growing trend of U.S. businesses looking to expand their presence internationally as a way to increase their market share and grow revenue. They want to tap the fast-growing emerging markets, but realize doing it digitally will be the most cost-effective way. According to Euromonitor International, e-Commerce sales in the Asia Pacific emerging markets are expected to nearly double by 2025, reaching $2 trillion.

According to Media Partners Asia, Asia Pacific net advertising expenditure totaled $188 billion in 2020. Digital was the largest medium, contributing 59% of ad spend, followed by television at 23%. APAC advertising expenditure is expected to grow at 5.4% compound annual growth rate to reach $245 billion by 2025.

More and more agencies are signing onto LDM since it was launched in April, and they have been ramping up media buying programs for the brands they represent. LDM enables these agencies as well as in-house marketing teams to strategize and execute more powerful and cost-effective e-commerce marketing campaigns. By making the platform available through an easy-to-use dashboard, LDM also enables any small and medium-sized business to more effectively compete against competitors of any size.

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About Logiq

Logiq, Inc. is a U.S.-based leading global provider of e-commerce and fintech business enablement solutions. Its DataLogiq business provides a data-driven, end-to-end e-commerce marketing solution. Its AI-powered LogiqX™ data engine delivers valuable consumer insights that enhance the ROI of online marketing spend. The company’s Fixel technology offers simplified online marketing with critical privacy features.

In its AppLogiq business, Logiq’s platform-as-a-service, branded as CreateAPP™, enables small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide to easily create and deploy a native mobile app for their business without technical knowledge or background. CreateAPP™ empowers businesses to reach more customers, increase sales, manage logistics, and promote their products and services in an easy, affordable, and highly efficient way. CreateAPP™ is offered in 14 languages across 10 countries and three continents, including some of the fastest-growing emerging markets in Southeast Asia. The company’s PayLogiq, branded as AtozPay™ in Indonesia, offers mobile payments, and GoLogiq, branded as AtozGo™ in Indonesia, offers hyper-local food delivery services. Connect with Logiq: Website | LinkedIn | TwitterFacebook.